What role can I expect to go into with an Advanced Level 3 Engineering Apprenticeship?

There are many benefits to apprenticeships, including being able to earn while you learn and gaining on-the-job experience as you study that sets you apart from those going to university.

However, whilst many know about apprenticeship programmes, we often get asked about the types of roles our apprentices go into and what they involve.

The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors, mainly what type of apprenticeship you choose to do. The benefit of training on MTC’s apprenticeship programme is that it is an Advanced Level 3 Engineering Technician apprenticeship and therefore does not limit you to one career.

In fact, there any many types of career and roles available to you including CNC Machining, PLC Programming, CAD Design, Quality Control, Multi-skilled Maintenance and Technician or Project Engineer roles.

So we thought we would give you an insight into four of the roles you could get with our Employer Partners and what they entail.

Manufacturing Engineer

As a Manufacturing Engineering, you will utilise your engineering skills to improve manufacturing processes and ensure that the product you are manufacturing is produced efficiently and cost-effectively.

On the job, amongst other duties, you would be expected to plan, design, monitor and optimise manufacturing processes as well as identify faults that need to be rectified.

This role is by no means limited, you will be able to work across multiple sectors including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical or construction to name a few. You will also be able to specialise from this role after your apprenticeship, whether that be electrical, machining or automation focused.

Service/Maintenance Engineer

As a service engineer, you will utilise your skills for the maintenance, fault identification and repairing of products that the employer you work for has manufactured.

You will spend time in the field interacting with customers to address their requirements as well as often providing technical sales support and training. A key duty will be providing essential feedback on product development features and functions.

This role is also wide ranging, and you will have the flexibility to be able to work across a range of sectors and specialise in a particular field of interest.

Electrical Engineer

As an electrical engineer, you will carry out essential electrical work including during installs and for essential maintenance on electrical components.

On the job, you will work mainly with electrical distribution panels and switchboards and will need to be able to use a variety of tools and materials. You will spend a lot of your time in the field and working with customers to come up with resolutions.

This role is required across all sectors and you are likely to encounter a range of distribution panels and switchboards depending on the industry or employer that you work for. This is also a role and particular skill set that you could use to set up your own business with unlimited earning potential.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers design and build machines to perform automated jobs across a range of industries including manufacturing, aerospace, automation and pharmaceuticals.

In this role, you will use your skills to help take a robotic solution from initial sales concept to a working system. Throughout this process, you will assist in the designing, building and testing of prototypes as well as finding and fixing faults with machinery.

Like the other jobs described, you are not limited to a certain sector as all industries are using robotics and artificial intelligence in new ways and therefore there will always be a requirement for their development and testing.

AT MTC, we work with employers across a range of sectors and therefore there may be other roles available outside of the above. With the foundation that our apprenticeship programme provides and the environment in which our apprentices learn, the possibilities are endless.

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