#MTCTips: What to include in your CV?

A good CV shows an employer what you can do and is a big first step in securing a job. It is an introduction to you and is designed to show just how employable you are.

We know that for some of you, applying for one of our roles will be your first job and therefore it’s important you get your CV right to demonstrate your skills and strengths.

For those that have experience in other job roles, it’s important your CV is up to date and contains the key elements below that all employers look for when shortlisting for interview.

So here’s our top four things to include in your CV:

  1. A Personal Statement
    You should always have a personal statement at the top of your CV and it should be tailored to each role you’re applying for. Include who you are, what you are aiming to achieve and give examples where possible to key skills or requirements mentioned in the job description. It should be short and sweet but represent you in a professional capacity.
  2. Work Experience / Employment History
    If you’ve never had a job before, it is likely you’ll have more experience than you think. Try to include work experience, volunteering or even charity work to name a few. For each, include the organisation, how long you were there for, your main tasks and any key successes.

    If you have had what you’d consider a similar level of job, the same applies. Try to write about what you did and why you’d be an asset to your prospective new employer.

  3. Your Skills & Strengths
    Every CV should contain references to key skills such as self-belief, communication, teamwork and problem solving to name a few but if this is your first, you should prioritise this. Try to give examples that relate to the role for example any specific IT skills you have or where your softer skills might be of an advantage.
  4. Your Education
    You should include everything from GCSEs and above on your CV and state the number and grades you received. If you don’t want to reference them all, the key ones to include are Maths and English. If you’ve done any modules that relate to the role, highlight these and remember, put your most recent qualifications first.

Outside of these four key areas, you could also include your hobbies and interests if you lack any real work experience. Often, the activities and things you get up to in your own time are a good way to get your personality across but just be mindful to not be too generic.

Many people also ask us about including references. Our advice would be to not provide these on your CV, just a note to say that you can make them available on request is enough. It’s important to save as much CV space as possible for your skills, experience and key achievements.

If you are considering applying for any of our roles, feel free to get in touch with one of our team to ask any questions you have about writing your CV on apprentice@the-mtc.org.