#MTCTips: Video Interview Checklist

Video interviews are becoming more and more common when it comes to the hiring process. And, in the current unprecedented times that we’re in, it’s possible that you might be asked to take part in a video interview by one of our Employer Partners in the coming weeks, so take a look at our checklist below to ensure you maximise the opportunity and secure your next role.

  1. Find a quiet, private place free from distractions

It is likely that your video interview will take place remotely, and therefore it is your responsibility to ensure you choose the right environment that’s quiet and free from distractions, with a good internet connection.

Remember to have a neutral background behind you and try to avoid coffee shops, libraries or other communal spaces. Headphones with a microphone are a good option to ensure you can be heard clearly.

  1. Dress professionally, just as you would if it was a face-to-face interview

It is important that you dress professionally from head to toe. You can ask the question of the employer beforehand or we would advise doing some research into the company culture to ensure you feel comfortable and have an idea of what is appropriate.

Be sure to avoid bright colours and patterns as these don’t show up as well on webcams. So softer colours are advisable and if you’re wearing a tie, avoid patterns and go for solid colours.

  1. Positive body language to show you are engaged

It can be difficult to convey the same level of interest and enthusiasm on camera as you would do in person. Our top tip when talking and responding to a question would be to direct your field of vision towards your webcam. If you do this your eyes are more likely to align with your interviewer’s.

Ensure you keep your mood upbeat throughout and stay positive. To show you are listening contently, nod and smile when appropriate and use hand gestures when it feels right too. Don’t let your attention drift from your device.

  1. Make sure your set up works and you feel comfortable.

To get used to the technology, environment and body language required for your video interview, we recommend practicing with close friends or family, so it feels as natural as possible. By receiving constructive feedback, it will only build your confidence in front of the camera.

  1. And if it doesn’t go to plan…

There’s always the chance that something might go wrong during the interview so here are some back up plans to have ready.

  • If your video or audio stops working, ask to continue the interview by phone or to reschedule.
  • If there’s too much background noiseapologise and ask for some time for the noise to stop. It is also good practice to mute your microphone if the noise is overbearing.

Hopefully this video interview checklist will help you secure your next role and remember, always thank the interviewer for their time and send a follow up email to express your thanks for the opportunity. This may just help secure your progression onto the next stage! Good luck!