Top grades for exceptional engineering apprenticeship delivery with "Outstanding" grade in two key areas

MTC Training's staff, learners and partners are celebrating the success of the organisation's first full Ofsted visit. The skills provider, which seeds the UK manufacturing industry with future-proof engineering skills through bespoke specialist training programmes, secured an overall rating of "Good" with "Outstanding" grades for Personal Development and Behaviours and Attitudes.

The inspection took place across MTC Training's two centres - the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre in Coventry, and Oxfordshire Advanced Skills in Culham.

Inspectors rigorously examined the training centres against Ofsted's categories - the quality of the apprenticeship and education provision, the ability to develop positive behaviour and attitudes, the facilitation of enrichment and personal development activities, and the overall leadership and management of the programme.

Ofsted were particularly impressed by the demeanour shown by apprentices, granting the centre the top grade of "Outstanding" for behaviour and attitudes.

The published report says, "Apprentices work effectively in a culture of high expectations and professionalism fostered by their trainers. Apprentices demonstrate very positive attitudes towards their learning, and their attendance and punctuality are very high. Apprentices demonstrate a robust understanding of how to stay safe when working in the workshops at MTC Training."

Ofsted also said that the centre's bespoke curriculum cultivates responsible and committed individuals with high levels of personal skills, again awarding MTC Training the top grade of "Outstanding" for personal development.

The report says "Apprentices benefit from a wide-ranging, rich set of opportunities to extend their interests and talents. They gain an in-depth insight into the career opportunities that exist in engineering. Apprentices work in teams to produce innovative designs and manufacture home or garden devices to improve everyday life. As a result, apprentices extend their insights into science, technology, engineering and mathematics."

David Grailey, MTC Training managing director, said he was delighted with the outcome of the inspection.

He said, "We are thrilled with the result of our first Ofsted inspection. The report really highlights the dedication of our staff, the development of our apprentices and the quality of our facilities, demonstrating the efficacy of the apprenticeship programme we have built for learners over the last seven years."