Meet the Team - Sarah Ross

Our team of dedicated Apprentice Coordinators helps our learners to stay on track throughout their programme, making sure everyone gets the support they need to fulfil their potential. Sarah joined the team in January 2022, and after a few months in her new role, we talked to her about what she’s enjoying most, how we do things differently at MTC Apprenticeships from other training providers, and why our programmes are so important for local employers. 

What is your role at MTC Apprenticeships?

I’m one of the Apprentice Coordinators here at MTC Apprenticeships, working alongside two others. We support the apprentices, both in their first year here in the training centre and throughout the duration of their programmes when they return to their employers. 

We also act as an intermediary with the employers, reporting apprentices’ progress and attendance, and making sure all our learners are happy and supported. We’re each the dedicated contact for a specific set of apprentices. We conduct their 12-weekly reviews during their first year in the training centre, and when they have concerns or questions, they know they have someone they can turn to help them directly, or signpost them to someone who can if we’re not able to offer the particular support or advice that they need.

What do you enjoy most about your role / working at MTC Apprenticeships?

The interaction and the variety. I work closely with the delivery team, as well as the apprentices and their employers, so my days are always varied and I work with lots of different people who all want to help our learners to achieve and develop. We’re a strong team of coordinators within a really great training team – it’s just a really nice place to work! It’s also good to see apprentices progress during their learning, and even better to know you’ve been part of that.

Why is MTC Apprenticeships so important for local businesses / industry / people?

There’s a big skills gap at the moment, and we’re helping to fill it. We’re giving people the background skills and knowledge to enable them to hit the ground running when they return to industry. This means their employers can be confident that they’ve invested in an apprentice with the skills they need, and that we’ve given them a solid foundation that means they can start adding value and having a positive impact as soon as they return to their employers’ sites.

How is MTC Apprenticeships different from other training centres?

My initial observation was the quality of the teaching and the facilities – I’ve worked in colleges previously, and the main difference here is that we put the apprentice and the employer first, every time. The small class sizes really surprised me, and give the trainers the time and space to be able to develop great relationships with the apprentices and really make sure everyone is getting what they need. The workshop is well resourced, with enough quality machines for apprentices to have one each, rather than sharing with peers or learning through others doing.

The enrichment programme is also vast. We offer a range of activities working in partnership with different agencies (for example, we’ve had sessions with the police and gambling awareness charities this term) and incorporating them into the apprentices’ weekly programme.

The amazing building really inspires and sets the standard of what we expect from the apprentices too – we have high expectations in behaviours and learning attitudes, and the apprentices can feel that and know that, and they rise to the challenge.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships enable individuals to get a good mix of theory and practical, hands-on experience, by spending time in the workshop alongside learning in classrooms. They allow each individual to fulfil their potential – the small class sizes here help with that too, and although some learners may not have excelled in a purely classroom environment, with an apprenticeship they flourish. Apprentices are also paid, so you don’t have to choose between getting an education and earning a salary. Our Level 3 programme is four years long, so I think it’s also good to be able to see your future career path, where you’re going and what you can achieve at the end.

Why should someone choose to study with MTC Apprenticeships?

The commitment and investment that we put into our apprentices is vast. We look to develop each individual, enabling them to fulfil their potential. We know their starting point and what we want them to achieve, and we support them all the way through as they progress. Because of our unique relationship with the MTC, they have opportunities to get involved with emerging technology projects through their apprenticeship too. It means we offer a very rounded kind of development – it’s not just teaching skills to pass assessments, we’re here to help them progress along their career path and to make a difference.