LGBTQ+ History Month 2024

What is LGBTQ+ History Month?

Celebrated throughout the month of February, LGBTQ+ History Month is a time to recognise LGBTQ+ people in all their diversity whilst honouring the rich history, achievements, and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, it’s a time for us to recognise their struggles and understand the ongoing fight for the community’s rights and acceptance.

By celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, we aim to raise awareness and educate out prejudices. Sharing stories, providing role models, and getting involved in events or celebrations provides a platform to build communities that support the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

LGBTQ+ History Month started in the US in 1994. 11 years later, it began in the UK, following the Schools OUT UK project created by teachers, Sue Sanders and Paul Patrick. To this day, the initiative continues to educate young people about LGBTQ+ issues and to make educational settings feel inclusive for everyone.

Every year Schools OUT sets a different theme for LGBTQ+ History Month. This year’s theme is Medicine” to shine a light on the fantastic LGBTQ+ workers that dedicate their lives to helping others in the NHS and other healthcare providers. The hashtag #UnderTheScope is poised to spread positivity and highlight these achievements!

Why is LGBTQ+ History Month important to MTC Training?

Whilst “Medicine” is this year’s focus, LGBTQ+ History Month is relevant across all areas of life, including learning environments like our own training centres. We’re committed to welcoming all forms of talent and ensure young people are aware of the LGBTQ+ community and the importance of inclusivity through our engineering education.

Perhaps one of the UK’s most famous engineering figures, mathematician, and computer scientist, Alan Turing, helped crack the Enigma Code which had a massive impact on the outcome of World War II and is believed to have saved over 14 million lives. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to save him from prosecution for ‘gross indecency’ for his homosexuality in 1952. While LGBTQ+ rights have come a long way since then, research undertaken by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2023 reported that LGBTQ+ engineers were more than twice as likely as white heterosexual men to experience bullying and harassment. *


What are we doing at MTC Training?

At MTC Training, it’s important to us that we’re embedding positive behaviours and encouraging our learners to challenge wherever they see discriminative behaviour. Our focus is to create a training centre where apprentices can be their whole selves every day, and an industry that celebrates individuality.

Throughout February, we’ll be talking about what the month means to MTC Training to raise awareness and encourage open discussion throughout our learning community.