Kicking off National Apprenticeship Week 2023!

It’s the first day of National Apprenticeship Week 2023, and we’ll be joining hundreds of organisations across the country in celebrating all things apprenticeships!

This year’s NAW theme is ‘Skills for Life’, which focuses on how apprenticeships are helping both apprentices and their employers to get future ready. As well as highlighting apprenticeships in some of the most exciting and innovative new technologies and sectors, NAW 2023 aims to showcase how apprenticeships deliver positive impacts to everyone’s future: as well as enabling individuals to develop the knowledge and skills they’ll need to enjoy a rewarding career, they help employers to adapt, develop and secure their businesses, which supports strong economic growth and the creation of more jobs, in turn benefitting local communities and the UK as a whole.

At MTC Training, we’re proud to be developing the next generation of advanced manufacturing talent who will play such an essential role in securing our innovative sector’s exciting future. We work closely with our employer partners to empower our learners through pioneering programmes that offer more than a standard apprenticeship. We deliver the knowledge, skills and behaviours that apprentices and their companies need to compete and succeed in a rapidly changing industry, both today and long into the future.

Our apprentices are trained by proven industry experts in an environment at the cutting edge of technological innovation and industrial development, exposing our learners to the very latest technologies and giving them a strong foundation of skills that will help them to offer immediate and long-term value and impact to employers. At the same time, our busy enrichment programme supports learners to gain those all-important ‘soft skills’ they’ll need for ongoing professional and personal success.

MTC Training is passionate about the fantastic opportunities and benefits that apprenticeships offer to our amazing apprentices and their employers, and we’re committed to raising awareness about why apprenticeships are such a brilliant way to kick-start engineering careers. Throughout the week, we’re visiting local schools to inspire young people to explore a career in STEM, holding open days for the public to explore what our training centres have to offer, attending local events and career fairs to spread the word about why apprenticeships are such an effective route  to developing the skills employers want, answering your most frequently asked questions, and sharing the journeys and stories of some of our most inspiring learners and employers.

Keep your eye on our social media channels to see what we’ve got in store, and if you’d like to talk to our friendly team of training experts about how apprenticeships can help you to build your future, then please get in touch with us via or