Employer Partner Case Study: DMG MORI UK

DMG MORI is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machine tools with sales revenues of around €4 billion, supplying customers from 42 different industries in 79 countries.

Its portfolio comprises turning and milling machines, advanced technologies including ultrasonic, lasertec and additive manufacturing, as well as consistent automation and digitisation solutions. It consistently covers the process chain in Additive Manufacturing as a full-service provider, from the additive manufacturing of metal components to the subsequent machining.

DMG MORI has been working with MTC Apprenticeships since 2016 after forming a relationship with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) as a Tier 1 founder member: “We became involved with the MTC when it was still breaking ground and later began to work with the AMTC for our apprentice training,” explained Steve Finn, Managing Director at DMG MORI UK.

Apprenticeships are key to the growth of DMG MORI with 306 apprentices worldwide and retaining its position at the forefront of technology: “Succession planning starts as early as our apprentices. We want to provide them with a pathway and show them a future with us as one global family. This is promoted by Dr Mori, who wants to provide all of our apprentices with sustainable jobs for life.”

“It is, therefore, essential that we work with a training provider that can support us with highly skilled young people who are committed to us and are invested in retaining our position.”

In the time that Steve and DMG MORI have been working with MTC Apprenticeships, he has seen the programme grow with an increasing number of the highest-calibre apprentices joining the business: “It’s testament to the MTC that they continue to raise the level of the apprentices that join with us each year. In recent times we have had some very impressive young people who have joined us and gone on to great things including one young engineer who represented the UK in the World Skills Initiative and it was the MTC who gave him the foundations to achieve the UK’s best ever result, coming 18th.”

For Steve and the wider team at DMG MORI, it is the youthfulness and the enthusiasm that are the key traits that the apprentices bring to the business: “We have an ageing workforce and our apprentices bring a new way of thinking. They see the world in a very different way and by combining this with our experienced engineers, we get the best results.”

“Our industry leading engineers enjoy passing their experience on and so our apprentices know they are learning from people working on the front line of new technology. It is so important to us that everyone in our business helps us to retain the high standards our customers expect.”

On why DMG MORI continues to work with MTC Apprenticeships for their apprentice training, Steve explained: “The programme is increasingly providing us with excellent apprentices who will go on to work here for a long time, which is exactly what we are looking for. We want to provide people with sustainable jobs that provide exciting opportunities and options to progress and grow.”

“Also, it is important that we support the community, and the MTC is very local to us. We share the view that apprenticeships are amongst the best ways to get into manufacturing and believe many high-flying business leaders have completed apprenticeships. It is, therefore, our responsibility to support the younger generation and inspire them to become the engineers of the future.”