What support is available

How MTC Apprenticeships can help you

We’re accredited to the IAG Matrix Standard, which is the national quality standard for any organisation that delivers information, advice and/or guidance on learning and work. Accreditation by Matrix confirms MTC Apprenticeships is an outstanding training provider, dedicated to giving impartial advice and guidance to our learners.

Before you apply

Our recruitment team offers impartial information, advice and guidance that is essential for your ongoing success and focuses on your current and future needs. We aim to give you all the information required to make an informed decision about your future. This includes apprenticeship progression routes, engineering career opportunities, and information about the skills you need to undertake the various programmes at MTC Apprenticeships, ensuring you start on the right path to a successful career.

We will support your application for an engineering apprenticeship by helping you find a suitable company that matches your engineering career aspirations. You can contact us for recruitment information, advice and guidance on 024 76 647 564 or email us on apprentice@the-mtc.org

During your programme

At MTC Apprenticeships, we’re committed to supporting all our learners to fulfil their potential. As well as helping the next generation to gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours that they will need to be successful in their future careers, we also provide all kinds of extra assistance so that each and every learner is supported to overcome any challenges and to be the best that they can be.

Our support team includes dedicated apprentice co-ordinators, wellbeing champions, safeguarding officers, male and female support, ED&I (Equality Diversity and Inclusion) officers, maths and English specialists, programme managers, quality officers and work place assessors. Our learners can also access external help through our wellbeing and support partners, Unum. If you’re training away from home with one of our national employer partners, we also offer an accommodation service.

The team has a wealth of training and experience in supporting our learners with their personal and professional issues, so they’re ready and on hand to help with any guidance you may need throughout your time with us. When you speak to them, please be assured that your discussions will be treated in the strictest confidence.

You can find out more about our support team here. If you have any questions or require support that doesn’t seem to be covered in the list above, then please contact us to talk about how we can help.

Safeguarding and Prevent

We’re committed to our responsibilities for the safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults. If you have any concerns for your own or anyone else’s safety or wellbeing in the training centre, your workplace or at home, any member of our team will listen to you and support you or refer you to our Safeguarding Team if it is appropriate to do so.

Prevent is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy which seeks to identify and support those at risk of becoming drawn into radicalisation or terrorism.

If you have any concerns, please contact our safeguarding team on safeguarding@the-mtc.org.

You can see our Safeguarding and Prevent Policies here.

The Matrix Standard

MTC Apprenticeships is proud to have achieved the matrix standard for our information, advice and guidance.

The Matrix Standard is a unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.