Engineering Apprentice (Assembly / Mechanical Fitter)

Engineering Apprentice (Assembly / Mechanical Fitter)

PRM Newage LTD

Working with a dedicated mentor in each area of the machine centre (Assembly) Each apprentice will follow an individual training plan, which will consist of training and on all machines.

Vacancy location Coventry
Working week 38 Hours hours

A typical day at PRM would include working with the dedicated mentor. Learning new skills – operating, setting and programming machines. PRM aim to teach extensive knowledge, skills and continuous training

PRM Newage ltd offer employment after completion of apprentice.

PRM Newage promotes and supporting continuous learning at all stages of individuals careers and skills sets.

Our company welcomes new apprentices as the enable to bring something new to the business and allows growth for both the company band the individual.

They are an effective way to grow our talent and help develop motivated, skilled and a qualified workforce. Hiring apprentices are a vital way to invest in the future of the business and build our talent pool.